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(6 November 2016)
Travelling deep, deep into the Brazilian rainforest to visit the indigenous Yawanawa.
The Sultan's Sandbox
(22 July 2016)
Exploring the extremities between the hustle and bustle of Dubai and the quietness of Oman.
Yah, Mon!
(25 December 2015)
A journey into the homeland of Bob Marley.

Living Colours
(22 June 2015)
The forest is full of beautiful treasures, reflected in its colourful people, plants and insects.

Heaven and Hell
(26 March 2015)
Cambodia hosts the world's most majestic temple but was also the scene of one of its worst atrocities.

Treasures of Thailand
(1 February 2015)
Though not exactly off the beaten track, Thailand makes a great destination for some serious R&R.

Burma's Buddhas
(6 Januari 2015)
A visit to a country filled with gilded pagodas and monasteries, largely unspoiled by mass tourism.

In the Land of Insects
(13 October 2014)
Photos of the Natem Healing Retreat that I organise in Ecuador, including indigenous people and many insects.

Castro's Paradise
(9 June 2014)
The social utopia of Cuba might be crumbling down, but music, rum and cigars are very much alive.

Geysers and Glaciers
(22 March 2014)
The stunning natural wonders of Iceland, packed in a slideshow.

The Emperor has no Clothes
(29 January 2014)
Celebrating close to a decennium of studying and working with the sacred plants of the Shuar people.

(9 February 2013)
A slideshow with mainly safari pictures from Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi.

Fool's Gold in the Amazon Rainforest
(31 December 2012)
An article about the lurking danger of large-scale mining in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.
17,508 Islands
(27 October 2012)

Travelling on Java and Sumatra, including a visit to the endangered orangutans and Indonesia's landmark monuments.
The Torajans
(2 September 2012)

The life of the Torajans revolves around the moment of their death. Includes pictures of animal sacrifice.
Land of the Dragons
(7 August 2012)

The island of Komodo is the last place on Earth were dragons still can be found.

Nuclear Spring
(12 July 2012)

A visit to Chernobyl is probably on every photographer's wish list. With radiation levels getting back to normal, it's now safer than ever.

Viva Barcelona!
(31 December 2011)

With all it's Gaudí architecture, Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

(5 November 2011)

The rainforest harbors a large contingent of insects, of all shapes and colors.

China's Highlights
(1 October 2011)

The best way to understand fast rising China and its millenia old cultures is to visit it.

The Other Korea
(11 September 2011)

Travelling to probably the weirdest place on Earth is stepping into a time-capsule from the Fifties.

The Naadam Festival
(22 August 2011)

The vast green planes of Mongolia are filled with traditional culture.

Other Worlds
(26 April 2011)

Venturing into the rainforest is like entering a completely different world where nature, not humans, rules.

The Holy Land
(6 February 2011)

Israel and the Palestinian Territories are a mixture of several religions and countless sects.

Yalla! Yalla!
(27 December 2010)

The Arabic countries surrounding Israel have a history that goes back for several millenia, which shows in the many historic places that can be visited.

(9 September 2010)

The Natemamu ritual is a deep cleansing ritual that has been part of Shuar culture for thousands of years.

The Snows of Kilimanjaro
(18 July 2010)

The end of a year of living and working in Tanzania, with a visit to the Serengeti (Dutch)

Gorillas in the Mist
(21 Februari 2010)

Visiting the last mountain gorillas in the rainforests of Rwanda and Uganda (Dutch)

Expat in Tanzania
(31 December 2009)

Living as an expat in Tanzania means that the weekends provide great opportunities to visit its parks (Dutch)

Faces of Ecuador
(10 November 2009)

One of the most interesting aspect of Ecuador is the many different kinds of people that inhabit it (Dutch)

Wildlife of the Galapagos
(21 August 2009)

Step into Darwin's footsteps and visit the wildlife of the Galapagos (Dutch)

(23 July 2009)

Meeting up with the Shuar shamans of the Upper Amazon (Dutch)

Viêt Nam
(1 April 2009)

Viêt Nam's colourful indigenous cultures are well worth a visit (Dutch)

Staying over at the Katang
(21 March 2009)

Staying at Laos's most traditional tribe gives great insight in indigenous life (Dutch)

Slowly through Laos
(1 March 2009)

Laos is probably one of the most laid-back countries on Earth (Dutch)

Brasil! (and Paraguay, Uruguay and Buenos Aires)
(25 October 2008)

Travelling trough South America is simply a whole lot of fun (Dutch)

Back to Guatemala
(17 January 2008)

Returning to my beloved Guatemala for a small retreat (Dutch)

Visiting the Dalai Lama
(10 September 2007)

Spending time in the exile community of Tibetans in the north of India (Dutch)

"Three Weeks in Tibet"
(13 July 2007)

Experiencing both the unique culture and the suffering of the Tibetans (Dutch)

Trekking in Nepal
(20 June 2007)

With all these mountains, trekking is activity Number One in Nepal (Dutch)

Bhutan, Kingdom in the Clouds
(9 June 2007)

Expensive to visit, but this 'Tibet before it got destroyed' is well-worth it (Dutch)

Towards Nepal
(1 May 2007)

Working my way through India, towards Nepal (Dutch)

With Osho & Travelling in Rajasthan
(1 April 2007)

Staying at Osho's temple in Pune is an interesting experience, as is visiting India's -pur's (Dutch)

Bahrain and the first steps in India
(9 March 2007)

The start of journey of half a year through the northern part of India (Dutch)

From Guatemala to Panama and back
(24 July 2006)

Travelling from Guatemala through Central America to visit the Panama Canal (Dutch)
With the Maya's
(21 June 2006)

Venturing into the highlands of Guatemala with a team to set up a temporary clinic (Dutch)
Talking Again
(21 April 2006)

Working my way through Guatemala to get back to Earth (Dutch)
Lago Atitlan and Las Piramides
(20 February 2006)

Meditating in silence for seventy-six days in a meditation retreat in Guatemala (Dutch)
Belize and north Guatemala
(30 December 2005)

Relaxing and chilling out in a tropical paradise (Dutch)

(15 December 2005)

The start of my continuous world-travel trip (Dutch)